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Watch the video below to see the amazing detail of the aircraft in this game.

The aircraft in the video is the Boeing 777.


Lots of people have have a passion for flying but do not have the money it takes to go through flight training. This is where a flight simulator come into play. Learn all the same materiel that the pros learn. There are plane games that are so good that it's hard to tell the difference between a simulator and real life, this is one of those flight sims.

Some flying simulator games out there have much better quality then others.
This Flight Simulator is one of the best I have ever seen. It gives those other flight simulators a run for their money. The quality of this simulator is great and comes complete with a fully realistic world, with landmarks and accurate scenery from every part of the world, and even uses Google Maps. flight sim sceneryThe views and scenery in this flight simulator are unbelievably real. Everything has high detail resolution. Also with over 21,000 airports from around the world there is a likely chance you will be able to fly over your house on your way into your local airport.

Are you wondering about weather conditions you'll be able to fly through? Unlike other flight simulators this free flight simulator accesses, in real-time, the weather conditions to deliver true-to-life weather anywhere in the world. It will feel like you really are traveling the planet in a your favorite plane.

While we are talking about planes I will mention that there is a vast collection of aircraft available in pro flight sim, accurately modeled. At this time there are 150 planes available and there are more being added all the time.

The general idea of this flying simulation game is that you get to fly anywhere around the world. There are even over 150 aircraft you can choose from. The controls, visual effects and experience of this flying simulator game will make you feel like you are really flying.

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